The Entrepreneur Journey That Will Allow

You ToPursue Both Passions

IMPACTAX Entrepreneurs believe that you should value the passions in your life as much as your passion for entrepreneurship.  6 Months On And 6 Months Off allows you to pursue both passions.

6 months on 6 Months Off.png

6 Months on

As an IMPACTAX Entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to pursue your entrepreneurial aspiration to provide people with the best services available.

The tax period runs between January and April which during this period most Americans are required to file taxes.  During this period as a Virtual Tax Entrepreneur, you will be busy assisting your clients in the preparation of their tax returns.  The more clients you help the more income you make.

6 Months off

As an IMPACTAX Virtual Entrepreneur, you have worked hard during tax season to provide your tax clients with the best tax service available. 

It's probably around May and you have everything wrapped up. You now can start planning for a new chapter, the chapter where you can begin to pursue the other passion in your life.


Whether it's planning that special vacation, taking on a challenge you have always want to conquer but never had the time to rest for a period.  As an IMPACTAX Virtual Tax Entrepreneur, this is your time.  Make the most of it.