An IMPACTAX Virtual Tax Entrepreneur
An IMPACTAX Virtual Tax Entrepreneur

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An IMPACTAX Virtual Tax Entrepreneur
An IMPACTAX Virtual Tax Entrepreneur

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Helping you become a mobile tax entrepreneur

Here Is What You Get


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A complete IMPACTAX Website or Landing Page.  This is a responsive designed Website and Landing Page that runs and displays well on all devices including mobile.

email marketing system

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 A powerful prospect/client relationship building email marketing system that has a CRM ( Client Relation Marketing ) and a SMS Component that will allow you to text the email to people if you noticed that they hadn’t opened it

social media marketing system

 You get access to a powerful social media tool that will allow posting to all social media platforms, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, YouTube at one time.  You can also post a week, month, or year in advance.  It comes with powerful image system.

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marketing system

You get access to two powerful videos created by IMPACTT.  Tax professional tax services video and a recruiting video.  Each video is personalized with your contact information. We can host those videos for you.

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Graphic Design

You will have access to our various graphic elements for print and online marketing.  Design for your business cards, postcards, and other print material.  You'll also get graphic designs for social media headers and postings for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others. 

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Getting Clients For Your Tax Business Eb

How To Get Tax Clients Ebook

This is one of the most complete, easy-to-understand ebooks on how to get tax clients for your business.  Starting a tax business can seem like a challenge.  How do I get clients, especially if I haven't done it before?  Well, this ebook will have you flying in no time.

How To Get Other Entrepreneurs To Join Ebook

IMPACT Tax Entrepreneur is a NEW type of entrepreneur.  Getting others that can benefit from our collaborative, interdependence, and autonomy concept can help everyone move forward.  This ebook will show you how to properly present people to a new concept in entrepreneurship.

Getting Other Entrepreneurs To Join Your

An experience independent tax professional can earn up $100 per hour.

That's $5,000 per week for a 50-hour week or $60,000 for the 3 months tax season.

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