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Education Meet Animation

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Were you aware that more and more schools, colleges, and universities are moving their educational platform from the traditional method to animation?

Why Is That?

After decades of using old and outdated methods of providing education, it has finally come to their attention that that system no longer works and has become outdated. Let me back up a bit and state that the creation of the Educational System by Horace Mann was great. Especially since it was created over 150 years ago.

What Went Wrong?

This system worked pretty well for over 100 years. Through the system, we created doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, and some of the smartest people you can find almost anywhere. And we are still doing that today but there are so many who have the capacity to subscribe to any of the professional titles above that many fall through the cracks.


Well in the 60's you had only your school, books from school and library to learn.

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