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It’s Never A Better Time To Learn Than Now To Become A Digital Community Entrepreneur/Freelancer!

The digital world is powerful beyond imagination.  As the world becomes more digital, we need more people from our communities to be a part of that world.  We are here to make that happen! We specialize in providing training in the top digital freelance fields.  See below!

Digital Community Entrepreneurship



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Businesses all over the world are looking for people who can help them not only setup their social media platforms, but to market on those platforms such that their businesses will grow. You'll learn how to be a expert in this area.

You'll learn how to build the best websites from experts in the field. We can help you market your website building skills, to create a business and generate revenue.

Most of us are familiar with email. We all have an account.  Email marketing, however,  is a skill that many businesses don't deploy and should.  In this course you'll learn how to become an email marketing specialist.

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Graphic design is a part of all digital products.  Not only will we teach you how to handle any design need for any product and company, we will provide you access to tools that can make your designs standout.


IMPACTT Academy Community and Global/Digital Entrepreneurship areas of focus are listed below .

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Creating digital

community entrepreneurs

Creating more

global digital entrepreneurs


Helping people start their

entrepreneurial/freelance business


Animated videos has been around for some time now, but because many businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, companies are scrambling to locate a more engaging means of communications to their home  bound staff.  You'll learn how to create amazing animated videos.

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Every skill that we teach in our courses are geared to create products and services that will need content creation.  In this course you'll learn how to create content for websites, social media, email, animated videos and blogs.

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